Are minors allowed to purchase a property? What are the requirements?

Yes, but the minor must be represented by his/her parents or his/her legal guardian, if his/her parents are already deceased. For purposes of registration of the property purchased by the minor/s as represented by his/her parents, an original and duly notarized (or consularized, if executed outside the Philippines) Affidavit of Parents (minor buyer) must be…

Why is my spouse required to sign all the documents?

Under the Family Code, it is presumed that the property purchased by a married individual shall form part of the absolute community (or conjugal partnership if the spouses were married before August 3, 1987), unless the spouses have agreed to a separation of property before their marriage or if one of the spouses executes a…

What is an LOG (Letter of Guarantee)?

A Letter of Guarantee (LOG) is a written guarantee from the bank that the buyer/s has complied with the bank requirements for the release of loan to cover payment for any portion of the purchase price.

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