Our estates serve as a platform for our diverse residential and commercial offerings on which thriving, sustainable communities emerge, spurring new centers of growth across the country.

Creating value for the community

Masterplanned and Mixed-use

Keeping in mind the value we aim to create for people, our integrated mixed-use developments are designed to efficiently combine residential and commercial land use while keeping green spaces and refreshing streetscapes as vital elements in our estates.

Anchored on Sustainability

Key principles of sustainability are embedded into the core processes of developing our estates, recognizing the effects of climate change and shaping actions towards creating positive impact on nation, society and the environment.

Enriched Communities

We recognize your social and personal needs when we build structures among organized pedestrian and transit pathways and greenery, helping you unlock your potentials while growing and immersing in a vibrant community.

Featured Estates

Promoting catalysts for progress and sustainability

Estates as centers of dynamic communities

Our masterplanned estates are beyond places to work and live in. We design them to help you and your community realize your full potential. Each estate combines quality residences with commercial properties to stimulate local economic growth.

We aim to provide environmentally sustainable communities that will nurture even future generations. Guided by the principles of sustainable development, we integrate green spaces into every estate, surrounding people with the calming influence of nature.

Our estates foster development throughout the Philippines.

Explore our masterplanned sustainable estates and take part in our goal to become an active partner in nation-building.

Makati Central Business District

Being the center for business and commerce in the country, the Makati Central Business District combines economic expansion with quality commercial and residential developments.

Bonifacio Global City

Bonifacio Global City is a hub for innovation, integrating modern infrastructure with world-class lifestyle experiences.


Known as the country’s first eco-city, Nuvali offers the comforts of country living alongside modern urban amenities.

Cebu Park District

Situated at the heart of Visayas, Cebu Park District presents broad options of residential and