A new ecofun destination set to bring wonder and adventure into Mactan island.

Mactan island’s seafront ecofun destination

Resort living and more

A tourist destination

Breathtaking views


Reinventing tropical island fun

Fusing world-class resort amenities with Cebu’s rich heritage and the finest shopping and dining trends, Mactan Seagrove will reinvent fun on the island, from seascape to landscape, sunrise to sundown.

Located on the northeastern tip of Mactan Island, Seagrove will feature a mixed-use boardwalk, treating travelers to various dining and retail options, from the best in Cebuano cuisine to local handicraft shops.

Stroll down a new scene

Seagrove’s Pedestrian Corridor will give retail therapy a cool island vibe. The corridor begins at the Entry Plaza, which overlooks the tree lined road network. Travelers can stroll through the scenic walkways that cut across the entire estate, leading to various retail shop clusters, blanketed and embraced by a vast canopy of trees and various island blooms.

Heritage and nature, merged together

Seagrove will highlight a distinct sense of history and place. It will feature the best of Cebuano tradition and heritage. All of this will be set against a slice of paradise at Mactan’s bayside, fronting Magellan Bay, where calm blue-green waters nourish and pamper a mangrove forest. This unique seascape offers fantastic views of the sea and a wealth of adventures for those seeking new water thrills.

A lush eco-fun destination awaits

Seagrove brings together unique resort and retail elements, adventure areas, and a wide range of experiences for travelers. Set within a lush seafront playground, Seagrove welcomes visitors to experience the best of Cebu’s landscape and tropical features.