Buyer’s Guide

Buyer’s Guide

Thank you for your interest to our listing. We will guide you step-by-step on your purchase.

Step 1 – Choose your unit and payment term
Choose unit/s you wish to purchase. This is after you have browsed some information from this website and have communicated with us concerning a specific project.
We will prepare computation based on your desired unit. You may also request for special payment term.

Step 2 – Sign the reservation forms
Once we verified the availability of your desired unit and you have decided on the payment term, you may now accomplish the reservation forms.

Step 3 – Pay reservation fee
Mode of payment: Cash or Check

Step 4 – Submission of requirements
To complete your reservation, the following documents must be submitted within thirty (30) days.

– Duly filled-out and signed Reservation Forms
– Proof of paid reservation fee
– Scanned copy or photocopy of passport or any valid government issued IDs with legible signature
– TIN and/or duly filled-out and signed BIR Form 1904
– Two (2) original copies of Notarized or Consularized Special Power of Attorney (SPA)
– Proof of Income

Step 5 – Downpayment and Monthly Amortization
After paying the reservation fee and submission of complete requirements, Our office shall be sending through email your Schedule of Payment (SOP) with due dates and amounts. Prepare to pay your monthly amortizations according to the date and amount of your SOP through post dated checks. After checks have been prepared, submit them to our office. Please request for a pick-up arrangement from us.

Step 6 – Financing
Turnover balance is payable through lump sum or external financing-commercial bank. We will personally assist you in securing home loan approval.

Step 7 – Unit Turover
When the full payment has been cleared or bank loan has been released, you will be issued a Notice of Acceptance through email and mail. You will then be endorsed to Buyers Turnover Personnel so you can inspect your unit.